Most of the people see riding on a motorcycle as a dangerous thing to do. A lot of people fear riding on a motorcycle. This fear comes from the news of many accidents that encompass motorcycles. As statistics show, 72.34 out of 100,000 registered motorcycles are included in accidental crashes. The risk associated with motorcycle crash is 35 times greater than the risk of car crash. An aftermath of motorcycle crashes usually involves amputation, paralysis and even death. This makes people dislike riding on a motorcycle. 

Even if statistics show such, a lot of people still ride on a motorcycle. Riding on motorcycles has involved different things from passion to practicality. Aside from the adventure they get, these people have other reasons for still doing such risky thing. 

Let us try to see the different angle of riding a motorcycle. 

Motorcycles are convenient when it comes to heavy traffic. Because of its size, it can pass through small way when there is a heavy traffic in the city. While almost all the cars are waiting for movement, a motorcycle can just pass through them. This is the reason why Honda Decatur motorcycles are able go to the places they plan to go in a short period of travelling. Looking for a parking space is every car owner's struggle every day, for motorcycles owners, it is the opposite. Because a motorcycle does not consume a lot of space, looking for a place to park is not part of their struggle. 

The cost of a motorcycle is another thing taken into consideration by these riders. Comparing a motorcycle to a car, the former is cheaper in price than the latter. Financial expenses nowadays cannot be easily neglected by a lot of people. Thus, many people have Honda Motorcycles Decatur as their first choice over hving a car. Comparing a car and a motorcycle, the latter does not necessitate high maintenance. So, the motorcycle allows the owner to spend lesser money. 

Motorcycles demand lesser use of fuel so any rider would not spend too much on the fuel. And since they use less fuel, it is eco-friendly because they just emit carbon dioxide 30 percent less than cars do. 

Other reasons are the feelings you get when riding motorcycles. The feeling of thrill provides more excitement for the motorcycle riders to ride even more. Ironic as it may seem but the dangers of motorcycle riding increase the enjoyment of riding for some. 

For other people, riding a motorcycle is another way of boosting their confidence with themselves. This is due to the ability to ride on a motorcycle which most people are afraid to do.

They were able to overcome the risks associated with motorcycle riding every single day they ride on it and come home safely.